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Smoked Hams


Willie’s Smoke House near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has become synonymous for premium smoked bone-in hams and boneless smoked hams of the finest quality. We have proudly served the residents of the ‘Burgh and across the country with the best smokehouse meats and cheeses for over 40 years, with more than 100 years of tradition and experience, and one of our most prized and popular choices has always been our flavorful old fashion smoked bone-in ham.

No event is complete without a handpicked ham from our inventory. If you’re hosting a dinner party, your guests will know the signature taste of a fine ham from Willie’s Smoke House. The unique flavor and mouthwatering taste makes every meal a success.

For your added convenience, browse our selection below and order online now. If you have any questions about the particular selections below, contact us today. We are ready to help you make the proper choice with one of the best hams in all of Western Pennsylvania!

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Smoked Ham from Willie's Smoke House
Smoked Ham Slices
Bone-in Smoked Hams - Center Slice


Ham Slices Smoked
Bone-in Smoked Hams - Half


Bone-in Smoked Ham
Bone-in Smoked Hams - Whole


Full Boneless Smoked Ham
Boneless Smoked Ham - Full


Whole Ham with Ham Slices
Boneless Smoked Ham - Half


Ham Hocks


Ham Shanks


Boneless Ham with Slices
Prime Center Boneless Ham - Half


Whole Boneless Ham
Prime Center Boneless Ham - Whole