Smoked Poultry & Fish

Willie’s Smokehouse has a variety of smoked poultry and fish options ready to ship to your home today. From smoked bone-in turkey to salmon, Willie’s features great tastes at a great price. If you are looking for tasty smoked chicken breast, turkey drumsticks or even chicken legs, Willie’s has you covered. We also carry smoked hams, beef items and more.

For more than 40 years, Willie’s Smokehouse has served the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area quality meats, fish and cheeses. With guaranteed quality and great selection, you will not find a better tasting smoked specialty meat anywhere else.

For more information about smoked salmon, turkey, and chicken from Willie’s Smokehouse, order online by adding products to your shopping cart. Be sure to use our quantity option to make sure you select how many pounds of each product you want before you add them to your cart. You can also sign in and track your orders or to add items to your Willie’s Smokehouse wish list.

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