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Smoked Sausages

Our smoked sausages and kolbassi are made fresh in-house every week near New Castle PA.  Using our three generation old recipes, Willie's smoked sauasges and kolbassi have become a favorite amongst our customers.

We start with only the freshests pork and beef cuts to create our unique items.  Each sausage and kolbassi is precisely seasoned to ensure consistent quality everytime.  They are then hand stuffed into flavorful natural casing.  However, it is our special hardwood blend we use to smoke our sausages and kolbassi that creates the unique flavor that has become synonymous with Willie's products.

These are prefect baked, grilled, boiled, or just served cold.    


*Please use the Quantity option on the product page to specify the number of pounds you would like.

Hormel Pepperoni


Margarita Pepperoni


Ring of Pork Kolbassi
Smoked Beef & Pork Kolbassi


Ring and Slices of Smoked Sausage
Smoked Beef Sausage


Smoked Bratwursts


Smoked Dried Sausages


Ring and Slices of Smoked Hot Sausages
Smoked Hot Sausage


Smoked Pork Kolbassi


Rings and Slices of Italian Sausages
Smoked Sweet Italian Sausage


Rings and Slices of Sausage
Smoked Sweet Sausage